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The SRC Podcast
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SRC PODCAST 2019 ep. 017 Brother Carlos Oliveira - Exorcisms, Demonic Possession, the Illuminati...
The SRC Podcast - ep. 016 Gary McKinnon, Secret Space Program, Antigravitic Propulsion, Project Camelot...
The SRC Podcast - ep. 014 Christopher Rahkee Gates, Paranormal Meta-Science, Chillseekers...
The SRC Podcast - ep. 013 UFO Disclosure, The Admiral Wilson Notes, UFO LEAK OF THE CENTURY...
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About The Show

Our show brings news and information relevant to the UFO, Conspiracy and Paranormal listener community. The SRC Podcast covers breaking news, Aliens, UFOs, the Paranormal, Cryptozoology, Disclosure, Conspiracy, Politics, the Illuminati and the New World Order.

The SRC Podcast airs each week on Spreaker, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and YouTube reaching a large audience of listeners. Each week you can count on the SRC Podcast to deliver something to help make your day brighter and make you more knowledgeable.

About Anthony

Anthony F. Sanchez is the author of the book UFO HIGHWAY. His radio and television appearances include:

  • Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory
  • Fade To Black w/ Jimmy Church
  • Ancient Aliens (H2) - (S5 E10) The Von Daniken Legacy
  • Mysteries at the National Parks (Travel Channel) - (S2 E8)
  • Beyond Belief w/ George Noory (GAIA TV)
  • Deep Space w/ Jay Weidner (GAIA TV)
  • And there are many more

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What you will find here are shows such as our Alien Podcast, Ancient Origins Podcast, Conspiracy Podcast, Paranormal Podcast, and UFO Podcast. Our podcasts and our talk shows are most often compared to Alex Jones, Coast To Coast AM, David Icke, Kerry Cassidy, KGRA, Open Minds, Project Avalon, Project Camelot, Revolution Radio, Talk Stream Live, The Dark Zone, Art Bell, Destination Truth, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, George Noory, Jaime Maussan, Ufo Highway, Jimmy Church Radio, and Darkness Radio. The topics that we often discuss covers a wide spectrum but which encompases these: Abductee, Alien Abduction, Alien Contact, Aliens, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Beliefs, Area 51, Astrophysics, Atlantis, Bigfoot, Black Knight Satellite, Breakaway Civilization, Chemtrails, Climate Change, Consciousness, Conspiracy, Cryptids, Cryptozoology, Crystal Skulls, Disclosure, EBE, Electronic voice phenomenon, Enlightenment, Erich von Däniken, ESP, ET Contact, ET, Exopolitics, Extraterrestrial, Flat Earth, Forbidden Archaeology, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hnters, Ghost Hunters Academy, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunting, Ghost Mine, Ghosts, Giants, Grant Wilson, Greys, HAARP, Haunted Collector, Haunted, Hidden History, Huff Paranormal, Human Origins, Inner Earth, Jason Hawes, Knights Templar, Mars, Metaphysics, Military Industrial Complex, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Mothman, MUFON, New World Order, Nibiru, Nick Groff, Order Of The British Empire, Out Of Body Experience, Paranormal, Paranormal State, Paranormal Witness, Paranormal, Parapsychology, Past Lives, Physics, PlanetX, Project Avalon, Project Camelot, Pseudoscience, Psychic, Pyramids, Reptilians, Roswell, Ryan Buell, Sasquatch, Science, Secret Societies, Secret Space Program, Self Empowerment, Shamanism, Sightings, Space, Spiritual Healing, Spiritualism, Steve Huff, Supernatural, Tall Whites, Tesla, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, The Unexplained, The Unknown, Triangle UFOs, UFO Disclosure, UFO Files, Ufo Highway, UFO Hunters, UFO Sightings, UFO, UFOs, Underground Civilizations, Unidentified flying object, World News, X-Files, Zak Bagans, Aerospace, Blue Origin, Boeing, CERN, CIA, European Space Agency, FBI, International Space Station, Interpol, JPL, Lockheed Martin, MI5, MI6, NASA, Naval, Norad, NSA, OSI, SpaceX, and Virgin Atlantic.

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