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`Ghost Adventures` Leader Zak Bagans Responds To Criticism For Touching Real Annabelle Doll

Jamie Colclasure, 02/27/2019

“Touching her I feel has lead to many strange events and I do believe was indeed a dangerous thing to do.”  

The Ghost Adventures crew has amazed fans once again with a paranormal investigating first. The much anticipated Halloween episode revealed a haunting investigation of the real Annabelle doll at Zak Bagans’ new Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. The doll was brought in by its current owner and Zak, along with Aaron, Billy and Jay, were warned to not touch the evil doll. After an intense moment, Zak does touch the doll against all warnings and since has received tons of criticism for doing so. Bagans is now speaking out to fans to share exactly why he touched Annabelle and about the repercussions of doing so.

Paranormal Magazine addressed some of the allegations that Zak and the Ghost Adventures crew now face after the Annabelle investigation. They also shared details about her existence for those not familiar with the legendary Annabelle doll.

Annabelle is reportedly the most haunted doll in the world and is dated back to 1970. She was taken into care by Ed and Lorraine Warren after two student nurses, one of which was the original owner, were tormented by the doll and many strange occurrences started happening, including the doll attacking visitors, moving to different locations or positions, and even levitating.

Annabelle is reportedly so evil she was locked in a glass case and only handled with gloves and holy water for less than a minute at a time. It is said she was responsible for harming and even killing one visitor to the Warren’s Occult Museum in Connecticut. Annabelle has, of course, also made some people very rich from two movies based on her existence. Tony Spera is now the official owner of the evil doll and agreed to allow Annabelle out of her case for Zak and the crew to investigate.

When the doll was placed in the middle of the room something drew Zak to her. Bagans touched the doll after he says Annabelle led him to do so. Many fans were outraged Zak did not adhere to the warnings from Tony about touching Annabelle with bare hands. After Zak disobeyed the instructions and touched her, Tony was angry and again told Bagans he was now in danger. Tony put Annabelle back in her box.

After seeing the episode, many fans spoke out, saying they felt it was a hoax and perhaps even a theatrical performance with Zak as the lead. Many are confused why Ghost Adventures were allowed to have her out of the case when she had been locked up for so long. Some fans even suggested that perhaps the doll was replaced with a duplicate to avoid getting the real Annabelle out of her case.

Zak is now speaking out and giving a statement about the events that occurred during this investigation. Zak took to Facebook to share his thoughts and explain why he touched Annabelle. Bagans respectfully says that while viewers think they know what it is like to be in these situations, they do not. Zak goes on to explain he is 100 percent sensitive.

“I absorb and sense energies around me at a very high level. Whether it’s from living people, residual energy, objects or from spirits. I’ve been like this my entire life. I am not a psychic medium. I am a sensitive,” he said. He goes on by saying, “It’s a rush, it’s draining, it’s exhilarating, it’s terrifying all-in-one depending who or what I’m in contact with.”

Zak goes on to explain the layers and layers of negative energy that surrounds Annabelle. Bagans then shares more detail about the extraordinary evidence they captured during their investigation. Zak, who was skeptical prior to the investigation, says there was too much evidence to discredit Annabelle and the evil that surrounds her.

Bagans was completely affected by the happenings surrounding Annabelle. He says he became very sad for no reason at all. Zak says Annabelle was manipulating him and at times he was even in a trance. As far as the owner, Tony, becoming angry, Zak says, “What really disturbed Tony was him finally seeing hardcore evidence surrounding these events in person. As a witness.”

Zak goes on to share that his touching Annabelle was not to make great television, but rather he just felt compelled to do so. Zak apologizes to Tony and Lorraine Warren for touching her, but continues saying he did not have direct control at that moment.

“Touching her I feel has lead to many strange events and I do believe was indeed a dangerous thing to do.”

Zak wraps up his post by sharing how much of an honor it was for Ghost Adventures to investigate this infamous doll on television. He says they captured extraordinary evidence and he thanked fans for tuning in to witness their investigation.

Ghost Adventures is currently airing Season 15 on the Travel Channel, and new episodes, as well as previous episodes, can be seen on Saturday nights. If you are in Las Vegas do not miss the opportunity to visit Zak’s Haunted Museum and witness some scary pieces of history for yourself.

`Ghost Adventures` Leader Zak Bagans Responds To Criticism For Touching Real Annabelle Doll


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