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Influencers And Entrepreneurs Share How To Establish A Spiritual Space In Your Home

Amanda Lauren, 03/02/2019

Spaces to connect to your best spiritual self  

Connecting to your highest self feels good, it also has other benefits. Meditation and mindfulness for example can boost your business. Those who have integrated spirituality into their daily routines often practice at homes in spaces they have established for this purpose. Design ultimately takes on a greater meaning beyond aesthetics in these rooms.

I spoke with several spiritual entrepreneurs and influencers about where they practice in their homes. While all of these spaces are totally different, their commonality is that every object is highly intentional.

Amber-Lee Lyons - "Amber-Lee connects with her higher self in the bath."

Influencer and host of Chakra Girl Radio, Amber-Lee Lyons connects to her highest self in an unconventional place. “I do a morning ritual in my bath. I set the tone with meditation music and it's the perfect space to slow down, journal, use crystals, visualize and meditate.”

Lyons loves to start her day in the bath because, as she explained. “The water supports me to tap into my feminine energy and I find my journaling, my thoughts and my day seem to flow effortlessly!”

For those who are trying to establish a similar routine, she suggests putting elite shungite and selenite in your bath water to cleanse the energy and raise the vibration.

Heather Askinosie - "An accessorized altar."

Heather Askinosie, who is a crystal expert as well as the co-founder of Energy Muse has multiple spiritual spaces in her home including an altar around her fireplace. “In the space by my fireplace, I have a quartz manifestor crystal to bring in a vibrant, positive energy, as well as amethyst stones to bring a sense of relaxation. The roses and orchids that I keep on this mantle represent blooming life, as well as a spiritual offering. I have Buddha in this space to remind me to be mindful. The Tibetan singing bowls are for cleansing the space with the healing vibrations of sound. They also help me to deepen my meditation.”

Askinosie believes any space can be spiritual “I don’t define a spiritual space as having to be some ornate altar. Your space can be small, and still have a major impact on your spirit. Create a spiritual space by making room on a shelf or counter for items that bring you positive energy. This space is a visual reminder to take time to pause and engage your spirit.”

For those who feel inspired by her approach, Askinosie suggests choosing a slightly secluded spot. “I would also try not to have it in your bedroom, since that’s a space you ideally want to dedicate to the energy of sleep. But if you’re limited to your bedroom, that’s okay too. Just make sure that your sacred space isn’t at the foot of your bed, or in the direction that your feet are pointing during sleep. If you have a Ganesh or Buddha in your sacred space, this would be seen as disrespectful to them.”


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