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Formerly secret information about a U.S. Senator's observation of a flying saucer is now declassified

Robert Hunter (contributor), 02/11/2019

Unidentified flying objects are sometimes witnessed by very respected individuals and not only by ordinary people who one might assume are lying.  

In the 1950s, an American senator claimed to see a saucer-shaped craft in the air in the Soviet Union. Considering that mentioning this sighting might have damaged his career and reputation, why would he have lied? It seems hard to believe that he could have taken such a risk merely for the sake of telling a false story. At the time, it may have been possible to believe that the saucer was a Soviet aircraft of an unknown type. But, that sounds harder to believe now. Advanced aircraft that resemble UFOs are not known to be constructed today. It seems hard to believe that the Soviets constructed such a thing with 1950s technology. If the object was not an extraterrestrial craft, what could it have been?

Richard B. Russel's claim to have seen two flying saucers in the USSR was kept classified for thirty years but was declassified in 1985 due to the freedom of information act. His interpreter witnessed the craft as well. The UFOs were witnessed while on a train traveling through the Caucasus region. The flight behavior of the saucers included traveling vertically. The reports about the craft were formerly considered top secret before they were declassified after a few decades.

Interestingly, the witnesses claimed that they had been told that there was no such thing as a flying disc-shaped craft capable of moving through the sky without any exhaust fumes or other evidence of a power source that resembled known human technology. Do governments and militaries possess the actual truth about the UFO phenomenon? If they do, perhaps even a powerful senator is not allowed access to secret information about the truth behind these sightings. At no point in his life was Russel willing to publicly talk about his sighting. The idea that it could have been a wholly false story seems unlikely. Russel would not have lied to his superiors for the fun of spreading false information. He had too much to lose. Perhaps the UFO phenomenon is a mystery to all of us, even to those in the government who hold the highest level of secrecy.


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