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Meghan McCain rips into 'pathetic' Trump after attacks on her father


He spends his weekend obsessing over great men...  

ABC host Meghan McCain on Monday said President Donald Trump lives a "pathetic life" obsessing over her father and other political rivals, returning rhetorical fire against the president after he lashed out against the late Sen. John McCain over the weekend amid a rant-filled Twitter spree.

“He spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it and I know it, and all of you know it, he will never be a great man,” the Megan McCain said Monday on ABC's "The View," the show she regularly co-hosts. “My father was his kryptonite in life, he is his kryptonite in death.”

Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to blame John McCain, the longtime Republican senator and 2008 GOP presidential nominee, for the 2017 release of a dossier of salacious but unverified intelligence information suggesting the Russian government possesses compromising information about the president. Trump also mocked John McCain, who died of cancer late last summer, for being "last in his class" at the U.S. Naval Academy. The former Navy pilot graduated from the Naval Academy in 1958, finishing near, but not at, the bottom of his class.

Clashes between Trump and John McCain date back to the beginning of the former's presidential campaign, stemming from a combination of personal, policy and stylistic disagreements. Trump at one point early in his 2016 campaign belittled McCain’s time spent as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War, telling an audience that the senator wasn't a war hero because “I like people who weren't captured.”

The pair's relationship hit a nadir in 2017, when McCain's dramatic thumbs-down vote sunk GOP lawmakers’ efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The rift between McCain and Trump was so great that the president was not invited to McCain’s funeral when he passed away last year. The American flag atop the White House was initially raised to full-staff in the wake of McCain's death before being returned to half-staff in McCain's honor only after the slight stirred bipartisan criticism.

Trump over the weekend tweeted about a Fox News segment in which Whitewater prosecutor Ken Starr referred to McCain’s role in circulating the unsubstantiated dossier, writing that John McCain “had far worse ‘stains’ than this, including thumbs down on repeal and replace after years of campaigning to repeal and replace!”

When Meghan McCain hit back in a tweet over the weekend, writing that “no one will ever love you the way they loved my father,” Trump retweeted one user who said McCain was "WRONG" and that "millons of Americans" loved the president and hated John McCain.

Meghan McCain on Monday added that she enjoyed spending weekends outdoors with her father when he was still alive, and wondered why Trump didn’t do the same with his family, saying that she felt sorry for them.

“I just thought your life is spent on weekends, not with your family, not with your friends, but obsessing — obsessing — over great men you could never live up to. That tells you everything you needed to know about his pathetic life right now,” she said. “I genuinely feel bad for his family. I can't imagine having a father that does this on the weekend.”


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