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Truth about the mysterious black cube UFOs seen draining energy from Sun

Finn Sawyer (, 06/06/2019

As far as UFO claims go, this one has been one of the most bizarre  

Okay, black cubes bigger than planets found in NASA images of the Sun, that some conspiracy theorists claim are monster alien craft draining solar energy. Is it real? Oddly, many people have been left convinced by posts on certain UFO websites and YouTube channels that there may be some credit to the theory. But, an expose of the latest claims, at least, are shown as nothing more than a digitally-edited hoax.

Scott C Waring, who edits the popular, has featured the black cubes on his website a number of times. His last post on them, featured claims he had found another one in an image taken by the the European space agency’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), which he found online. Thus the images are published by NASA, he claims.

The version of the image shown on Mr Waring's website that caused all the fuss, shows a black square, much bigger than earth in comparison to the sun, on corner of the solar image.

He wrote: "This sun photo is from the SOHO/NASA archive yesterday. You can see a cube-like craft moving between the sun and SOHO satellite. The edges of the craft are not pixelated, but instead looks like the silhouette of an alien spacecraft. These craft have been recorded for years and never explained by NASA. The craft are thought to be sucking a special energy from the sun, a type of energy that humanity has not learned about yet, but will in the future."

We showed the post to UFO hoax buster Scott Brando. He runs the website, which debunks alleged UFO, alien and other paranormal sightings, following forensic analysis.

Mr Brando was able to quickly locate the original SOHO image, still available online, and appears to have busted Mr Waring in the process. The image shows no black cube as seen on

Mr Brando said Mr Waring had "added a black square too give the appearance something was there that is not." Mr Brando said he had debunked earlier "sun black cube UFO" stories in the same way. These included one which appeared on Mr Waring's website in May of 2017. At the time, Mr Waring's blog gave the impression that NASA may have added the "black square" to conceal something behind it. It sparked claims of a major UFO cover up by NASA among online conspiracy theorists. But, Mr Brando, located the original image which featured only a very faint square shape, which he said was an "artifact anomaly". This is caused by things such as lens flare reflection, camera focus or pixelation during digital processing.

Mr Brando explained, "Someone painted a simple image artifact. As I suspected it's an image manipulated by Waring. It's not the first time he did it. Waring colored again that artifact in black to show something that in reality does not exist. It's a hoax."


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