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Bigfoot raises more questions than answers

Bailey Britton (Colby, KS), 02/27/2019

Have you ever heard of Bigfoot? I’m sure you have.  

It’s something little kids hear about on children’s TV shows or in books. It’s even in an episode of “Scooby-Doo.”

It is a folk tale across the globe. It’s the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman in the Himalayan Mountains, a Yeren in China or even a Wendigo in parts of North America. Most commonly, we Americans call it a Sasquatch — or Bigfoot, on account of its allegedly big feet.

According to legend, Bigfoot is a hairy humanoid creature that lives in the forests of the world and has only been seen by a select few. There are pictures, videos, strands of hair and footprints left by this elusive creature, but nothing else.

Bigfoot is widely considered a hoax — but what if it isn’t? What if it is a cryptid?

A cryptid is an animal whose existence has yet to be proven by mainstream science. There are animals we know about now that were once considered to be legend, like giant squids or the coelacanth, a fish found in the Indian Ocean that was once thought to be extinct.

Could Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) be discovered still? Could they be hiding? But, if that is the case, how could a large primate be undetected if it is so large?

Some people believe the government is hiding evidence of Bigfoot’s existence. Others believe Bigfoot is the missing link in the evolution of humans and religious organizations are suppressing the evidence. Others believe that Bigfoots are creatures from another dimension or even aliens. Each idea is crazier than the last.

Since Bigfoots are part of a worldwide conspiracy, it would make sense for governments to work together and hide the existence of the creatures. But why would they hide this? There is speculation that it is either a creature created by the government that somehow escaped or that Bigfoots are a highly intelligent species that the government is trying to suppress. Either way, the government is attempting to hide them.

How is the government hiding these creatures? The answer, for many conspiracy theorists, is through national parks, the large areas of untouched nature that are perfect for Bigfoots to go unnoticed and live secluded lives. There are more than 4,000 national parks around the globe according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Perfect Bigfoot living areas.

Now, why would religions want to suppress the existence of Bigfoot? Well, if you were Christian, or any religion, knowing that Bigfoots exist would probably contradict your beliefs. There isn’t much on this theory, but some people believe the Vatican or another religious authority doesn’t want to contradict the story of creation.

The craziest idea of all is that Bigfoots are actually aliens or creatures from another dimension. Yes, you read that right — aliens and parallel dimensions. This would explain why no one has found a Bigfoot in the wild and why no remains have been found. If so, there is hope that Wookiees are real after all.

Parallel dimensions are a tricky subject; there’s no way we can know if these exist, but if they do, it could explain why Bigfoot is described as looking shimmery or slightly transparent and why it seems to disappear without a trace.

If there are “thin spots” between our dimension and another, perhaps sometimes we can see things in other dimensions due to overlap. Maybe Bigfoots are creatures in another dimension, and when they are spotted here, it is just a window into another world. The Bigfoots then wouldn’t be walking around on our planet, but it would seem that way.

In addition to these theories on the existence of Bigfoots, there are theories about how they live, what they eat and how they communicate.

People study the potential existence of Bigfoots like it’s their job, as if these creatures do exist — and maybe they do.


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